Helping to protect landowners right for the extraction of Natural Gas.

Helping to protect landowners' rights for the extraction of Natural Gas.

Monday, August 23, 2010

More Frustrating News

It appears now that (the DEC's) review will continue into 2011, and we have no indication that it will wrap up anytime soon," said Assemblywoman Donna A. Lupardo, D-Endwell. "I anticipate they will go well into 2011, so a May 15 moratorium deadline in light of the progress DEC is making seems arbitrary."

"From the standpoint of the legislature, we provide funding for the DEC," said Assemblyman Clifford Crouch, R-Town of Binghamton. "And with a lot of the misinformation out there, a lot of the legislators have been tweaked into thinking we need a moratorium. If we don't have faith in DEC, why are we funding them?"

All six Assembly members polled said they believe the measure would pass if it did hit the Assembly floor, but it remains far from certain it will. Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, D-Manhattan, said in a statement his house would "carefully monitor the actions of the Department of Environmental Conservation and consider all additional measures necessary to ensure the health and safety of all New Yorkers," but he stopped short of saying he would present the moratorium for a vote

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