Helping to protect landowners right for the extraction of Natural Gas.

Helping to protect landowners' rights for the extraction of Natural Gas.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

New Phone Campaign Telephone #'s to Halt Thompson Bill

The following legislators will be pivotal in defeating the proposed legislation. As you know, the bill calls for a one year moratorium, but in reality a year may as well be a decade. At the end of that year there will be calls for further study, and the industry will have already invested in other areas of the Marcellus play that have an atmosphere more conducive to doing business. NY and New Yorkers need this industry NOW! Therefore the importance of communicating to your members immediately cannot be over emphasized. All members need to become politically active NOW. It is as simple as picking up the phone, and/or sending some pre-written emails. The homepage of the JLC website has clickable links, in red, that list all the contact info for these Senators. or simply JLCNY.ORG
I will include a printed list here at the end for those who have no internet access. Steve Herz has put together some 'talking points' that will help your members convey our message to Albany, and those are included here as well.
Valesky - 518-455-2838 - Aubertine - 518-455-2761 - Stachowski - 518-455-2426 - Breslin - 518-455-2225 - Padavan - 518-455-3381 - Marcellino - 518-455-2390 - Fuschillo 518-455-3341 - O. Johnson 518-455-3411 - Bonacic - 518-455-3181 - Skelos 518-455-3171 - Savino - 518-455-2437 - Onorato - 518-455-3486 -

OUR MESSAGE TO ALBANY: The real effect of what any moratorium on Marcellus Gas Drilling will cause - The environment will be less protected-Landowner coalitions will fragment and the strong lease documents that they are insisting be signed will be replaced by generic gas company leasesFarm land and family farms will be lost-Famers are suffering a terrible economic crisis. They will be going out of business and selling their family farms to the highest bidder, likely out of state land speculatorsThe upstate NY economy (region) will continue to suffer-The natural gas industry is ready to inject a much-needed stimulus into the region. This will account for a huge economic boost to the areaUpstate communities will continue becoming ghost towns-Retail establishments will accelerate the trend to closing their doors and there is nothing on the horizon to indicate that there might be any new investment comingLoss of jobs and loss of population-There are no opportunities for jobs in upstate. Our populace is leaving the area in search of some security and our young citizens see no future in remaining upstateLoss of tax revenue-With the continued stagnation of the upstate economy, the burden of paying for services fall on fewer entities, causing hikes in property tax & loss of sales tax revenue. Municipalities and school districts are reducing programs, services, and employment due to reduced revenueSpeculators will purchase distressed propertyLandowners who cannot continue their livelihood will sell their farmland to the highest bidder-likely an out of sate speculator who cares nothing except how to maximize their investmentOur security will continue to be at risk-Producing domestic natural gas will minimize our dependency on foreign energy. Countries who are now getting NYS energy money threaten our, and our allies securityLandowners who cannot continue their livelihoods and the elderly who cannot keep up with their taxes will sell their farmland to the highest bidder-likely an out of sate speculator who cares nothing except how to maximize their investment
There simply is no rational reason to continue to delay natural gas production in New York State. Our own DEC has developed the nation’s most stringent set of environmental guidelines, and together with incredibly strong landowner leases, the environment will be protected and our state will prosper with this opportunity.NY Natural Gas NOWClearly the Best Solution! Reply R

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