Helping to protect landowners right for the extraction of Natural Gas.

Helping to protect landowners' rights for the extraction of Natural Gas.

Monday, June 14, 2010

HOT URGENT PLEASE READ and TAKE ACTION--From another forum yet important--
» Sun Jun 13, 2010 5:35 pm
GUYS>>> THIS IS A MUST.. CALLING ON ALL LANDOWNERS TO STEP UP. Senator Thompson is trying to sneak a bill through tomorrow (MONDAY JUNE 14th) that can delay drilling in NY for another year. Please read this and make the calls. PHONE CALL directions are at the bottom.Last-Minute Bill Needs Your CallSneaky “Anti-Gas” Bill MUST Be StoppedOpposition’s Attempt To Sneak A Bill Through: NYS Senator Antoine Thompson has just introduced a bill to the NYS Encon Committee, which he chairs, that would ban any hydraulic fracturing activity in NYS for one year – which is certain to be followed up by subsequent moratoriums in future years. THIS BILL HAS THE SAME LONG-TERM AGENDA AS THE OTHERS AND IS NOT A COMPROMISE!!! If this passes, we can forget about leasing for years to come and we can be certain that any gas company who might be waiting for the DEC to release the SGEIS will give up & head elsewhere.We Have Been Successful So Far: Our rally, emails and phone calls have derailed the bills that would all-out ban or impose a 2-3 year moratorium on gas drilling in NY. We can defeat this bill if we all work together! And with one full week left before the Albany Politicians go to summer recess, this week requires our biggest push ever.We Need 125 Callers First Thing Monday Morning:Because it’s too late to email or write letters, your coalition committee will be calling and we need 125 additional callers after 9am on Monday to voice your opposition to this moratorium with us. The Encon committee meets Monday afternoon, so it is best if your call reaches them by then below.NameAlbany PhoneThompson, Antoine M.Ph: 518-455-3371Oppenheimer, SuziPh: 518-455-2031Schneiderman, Eric T.Ph: 518-455-2041Parker, Kevin S.Ph: 518-455-2580Serrano, Jose M.Ph: 518-455-2795Perkins, BillPh: 518-455-2441Stewart-Cousins, AndreaPh: 518-455-2585Foley, Brian X.Ph: 518-455-2303Marcellino, Carl L.Ph: 518-455-2390Leibell, Vincent L.Ph: 518-455-3111Johnson, Owen H.Ph: 518-455-3411Little, Elizabeth O'C.Ph: 518-455-2811Young, Catharine M.Ph: 518-455-3563Padavan, FrankPh: 518-455-3381TALKING POINTS:POSSIBLE CONVERSATION: (Not everything below needs to be mentioned. The main thing is the first sentence!) “Good Morning (afternoon); I am calling to express my full opposition to the bill being presented by Senator Thompson to the Encon Committee further delaying safe Natural Gas Drilling in NY. Our New York State DEC has successfully monitored, studied and regulated hydraulic fracturing in our state for nearly 2 decades. In additional to this, they have put thousands of man hours into their current SGEIS which will make New York the safest state in our nation for natural gas development. Also, the federal EPA has already studied hydraulic fracturing on numerous occasions and has never found a single instance of underground water contamination by this drilling process. And with the current EPA study, there was never a federal consideration of a ban. This bill appears to be a mere political ploy to create an additional, needless moratorium before the DEC’s latest regulations are even being released. I am asking that you trust the scientists of the DEC who have already created a safe track record for drilling in NY. We have already been forced to wait 2 years so I respectfully ask that this committee not create needless long-term delays to this essential economic push for upstate NY.”Many additional talking points are posted on the website of the Joint Landowner’s Coalition ( Don’t worry about being eloquent – JUST CALL EVERYONE ON THAT LIST!! We can’t count on anyone else to call for us – you need to pick up the phone and do this for yourself, your family, your community and your state.

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