Helping to protect landowners right for the extraction of Natural Gas.

Helping to protect landowners' rights for the extraction of Natural Gas.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sanford--Leased and or Unleased Property Owners

This blog-page is brought to you courtesy of the Sanford Gas Coalition. Our mission is to simply provide information to current lessors and protect those who desire to be leased when future leasing activity occurs. Presently the town of Sanford is 47% leased. This Coalition currently represents the surrounding un-leased properties cumulative of approximately 7-8000 acres.

The macro overview of this opportunity is immense. Three things both domestically and globally could ignite the current price of natural gas that will effect your overall royalty payment once drilling starts. The passage of HR bill 1830 will provide tax credits to those companies desiring to convert their present Tractor Trailer Fleets from-- gas/diesel powered trucks-- over to natural gas. The passing of this bill will enact Congress to release Government subsidies that will provide the funding for a nationwide network of natural gas service stations that will be built across the nation to support these conversions. Further-more on the global front, Japans 40 year contract with Asia to import LNG, which is directly tied to high oil prices, is soon to expire. Our research shows that the U.S. will be a major exporter of LNG within the next decade. Investment groups such as Blackstone Equities have recently invested 1Billion dollars into the Marcellus play because of the unlimited monetary potential, with just a few laid out above.

We tell all of you this because this diminutive molecule known as natural gas that lies beneath your land is being seriously challenged by the –kill to drill movement--. They are well organized and funded and will stop at nothing to see your rights as landowners compromised to meet their agenda. They are the reason why the DEC has returned to re-examine and fine tune their first draft of the SGEIS regulations that is reportedly due out some time this summer 2011 but has taken three years to do so.

Please follow this blog page for updates as a comment period will follow once the sgeis is issued. Further-more, this blog-page and that of the will give you detailed times and information when your voice is needed to be heard, by sending emails & or phone calls on current situation’s that need attention at that given time. The JLCNY is a well organized pro drill consortium of coalitions that presently represents 800,000 acres. Please click the above link and support their cause.

If anyone wishes to join this Coalition and resides in Sanford-North or South- and property is in Broome County log onto and complete the membership form.

Thanks for taking the time to view this site.. We will keep you informed

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