Helping to protect landowners right for the extraction of Natural Gas.

Helping to protect landowners' rights for the extraction of Natural Gas.

Friday, April 8, 2011


Dear Coalition Leaders, Landowners, Union Leaders, Workers, Business Leaders, and Natural Gas Supporters Everywhere,

Please circulate this information to any and all fellow pro-gas supporters

Recently our Political Action Committee had a meeting with key Albany leaders, including DEC Commissioner Martens. Overall what we learned was very positive and very encouraging. Commissioner Martens' comments supported his previous statements that the SGEIS will be released this summer. There was some disturbing news though that our political consultant has verified.

The anti-gas protesters have been sending many emails and letters to Albany to defeat you and your hopes of enjoying the benefits of developing NY's Natural Gas. They have been asking to delay the SGEIS release by having it thrown out and restarted from scratch, by studying cumulative impacts (which we know can't be assessed, but the delay of trying to do so is the real goal), and to have additional moratoriums. They want to stall or stop this forever and they are working very hard to accomplish that! And they will unless you speak out in support of Natural Gas!

The point is that we have been told (and our political consultant has been told) that there has been no support for gas expressed. No emails, no letters, nothing to speak of! We have been told that if leaders in Albany do not hear from all of us who supporter natural gas they will not be able to support it themselves! We have been told that we need to continue to express our support for safe, responsible, and timely gas development efforts.

We have been told to start emailing and mailing letter of support to the Governor and others, and to keep doing so as often as possible.

This sort of advice is exactly why we have a political action committee, a political consultant, and our attorney. Of course our committee members are all volunteers donating much time, effort, and personal expenses, but they rely on the expertise of our two hired experts. If you have not already done so, please donate today to support continuing to pay our attorney and consultant. They are worth every cent!

As far as sending in your words of support, we'll start right at the top and ask you to please send a letter to Governor Cuomo. Please download the attached file, print it out, sign it, and mail it to the address on the letter.

You'll notice that the body of the letter is also below the line at the end of this email. It's is there so you can send an email to Governor Cuomo. It is really simple and fast!

First, go to this website...
Once there please enter your information at the lower left. Then on the lower right please enter "Please Support Natural Gas Now" in the subject line. After that select a topic. We suggest one of the following...
The Economic Crisis
Economic Development
Energy Issues
Environmental Concerns
Next, please copy and paste the text below the line into the comment field. Please remember to type your name at the end!

Answer the anti-spam security question and click the "Submit Form" field.

Finally, be proud for doing your part to help bring the benefits of Natural Gas to you and your community!

That's all there is to it. If you prefer you can alos create your own letter and email and send them in place of our pre-written copy.

In closing, please make every effort to forward this email to all supporters everywhere.

Dan Fitzsimmons, President
Joint Landowners Coalition of New York, Inc.


Hon. Andrew Cuomo
Governor of New York State
State Capitol Building, 2nd Floor
Albany, NY 12247

Dear Governor Cuomo,

I am writing to ask for your support for drilling for natural gas in the Marcellus Shale region of New York State. As you are aware much of NY overlies Marcellus and Utica shale formations, two of the largest sources of natural gas in the world.

Last year former Governor Paterson issued an Executive Order that put a moratorium on all new drilling operations in the Marcellus Shale. The Department of Environmental Conservation is currently reviewing the process of hydraulic fracturing, a process used to capture the natural gas from the shale. There has been much debate from both sides over this issue, but the fact remains that if responsible and safe drilling is permitted, it will create badly need jobs in the region and uplift depressed local economies.

Gasoline prices are at record highs and with the current state of unrest in the Middle East many experts believe prices will continue to climb. President Obama recently called on the United States to reduce its dependence on foreign oil imports by one-third over the next decade, and pledged to expedite domestic drilling permits including those for natural gas.

If you look to NY's neighbors in Pennsylvania, they are experiencing an economic boom. A recent report stated that over 44,000 jobs were created in that state since drilling commenced two years ago. One of the best examples that demonstrate the economic impact of drilling in New York is in Chemung County, which borders Pennsylvania. As a result of its proximity to Pennsylvania, the county is experiencing economic benefits from Marcellus Shale development, even though the drilling is taking place across the border. They have seen record increases in sales tax receipts, increased commercial construction and as a result they project 500 new jobs to be created in their county for the next six to eight years.

Our state can ill afford not to participate in the largest economic development project this state has seen in more than half a century. I urge you to support this very vital initiative to allow responsible natural gas drilling in New York State.


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