Helping to protect landowners right for the extraction of Natural Gas.

Helping to protect landowners' rights for the extraction of Natural Gas.

Saturday, February 20, 2010


NY State is currently awaiting a report put out by the NYS DEC known as the sgeis report. It will address a range of potential impacts of shale gas and its exploration. It will guide gas companies & protect landowners and the general public with rules and regs that cover but dont limit too,watershed issues,local roads,enviromental issues,new stringent drilling procedures,water withdrawal,spacing setbacks,horizontal drilling and high volume hydraulic fracturing to develop the Marcellus Shale just to name a few. It can be viewed in it's current status by logging onto

DRBC-Delaware River Basin Commission- Currently this agency is in charge of the permiting process for water extraction from local water sources to develop the Marcellus Shale. Over 1 million gallons is needed to "frac" one well and the drbc is implementing procedures that safeguard drilling sites and other properties that may be effected by this process.They are also in charge of safeguarding the recovery and disposal of frac water that will be used within this process. It can be viewed in its current staus by logging onto

These two hurdles are whats between us and the actual negotiation stage with a particular gas company. They are waiting for the sgeis report to be finalized and approved,the water issue's with the drbc to be finalized and approved before they move forward.Please dont get confused--currently wells are being drilled in the Southern Teir--(vertical only-other shale formations )This holdup is for the Marcellus that can only acheive its full potential by drilling horizontally
& injecting water and other chemicals into a bore hole known as "fracing ".You can watch an animated version of this procedure by logging onto

In the meantime we are getting organized. We have some people within our group that have invested 2 years time with regards to research in this matter. What we have found that Sanford is in a good area,geologically and marketability due to its proximity to the pipeline.

There is so much to know and lots of outlets that provide info. Go to our web site and it will provide you with links to do some of your own research. Once we have compiled all our acreage information we will be intouch with a mass e mail starting to get a direction on how we will proceed.

We are a group of equals. We encourage all to get involved with this endeavour that will effect us all upon its outcome.Thank you and we will be in touch--

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